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Meeting Hope is a digital platform that establishes high-value B2B connections online for a good cause. Through our platform, we facilitate meetings between businesses looking to connect with business leaders from leading companies and use part of the earnings we receive during the process to support charity organizations.
Top-level executives become a part of Meeting Hope and agree to give their time to have a business meeting with members of the Meeting Hope network including vendors, suppliers, consultants, companies and businesses. However, members have to be subscribed to be able to look for executives across our platform and request business meetings with them.
Once the executive accepts the meeting request, Meeting Hope will facilitate the meeting between the two parties for a fee.
The modern marketplace is all about building meaningful B2B connections. By joining Meeting Hope, you unlock limitless growth opportunities, establish business connections and capitalise on altruistic sales by compelling high-value buyers to do business with you through meaningful conversation.
Moreover, you spend less in comparison to traditional lead-generating techniques, all while supporting a great cause.
You are under no obligation to engage with a business if you feel like they are not the right fit. However, you can still nurture them and help them make their strategies more impactful.
70% of our earnings go to charity while 30% is directed towards administration and keeping our platform running.